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Bitcord is the new way of selling your own cryptocurrency without any hesitation.
Raise funds for your business by choosing the best ICO Launchpad Software in the market.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars by our customers


4.9 out of 5 stars maintainable disseminate parallel team effective standards communities.


150+ five-star reviews excellent convergence without professional methods of empowerment.


4.9 out of 5 stars maintainable disseminate parallel team effective standards communities.

Browse Bitcord ICO Launchpad Software Features

We have spent a lot of time for investigating why one token succeeds while 30+ tokens end their live in next month, that is why we came up with this software.

  • Investor Analysis

    On the dashboard you will see how investors interacts with the software.

  • Real Time Metrics

    Beautiful graphics and very powerful features for understanding the demand.

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Raise Money For Your Business

This is eventually the best modern way to raise the funds for your business idea. We will provide full service setup and guide you for the further project development and paths you can go to get more investors.

  • Set your own token price

    Our software makes it easy to interact with the smart contract, so you can set/update the price accordingly.

  • Withdraw funds

    Once you start to collect investors money, you can easily withdraw the money just with a few clicks.

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Ready-made Modules For Bitcord Software

We have developed a lot of modules out of the box, so it would be easier for the new projects to start without any additional development.

  • KYC Verification Module

    Make your investors to fill out the KYC form before allowing them to purchase your tokens to prevent any charges.

  • Token Airdrop Module

    Token Airdroping will help you to get more holders and look more reliable for the new investors.

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Bitcord ICO Launchpad Software Features

Bitcord is the new generation ICO Launchpad Software that will help your business to grow a lot faster.

Advanced analytics

Bitcord Software is helping you way more than you think, and here is how...

You will receive notifications about anything on the platform (new registration, new KYC form application, new investor purchase, etc.).

Included with...
  • High-converting
  • Personal Branding
  • Auditable Smart Contracts
  • Clean and Modern
  • Web3 Integrations
  • Highest Security Standards

Automated Token Transferring

Once, the users will purchase your token he/she will receive the token instantly on their wallet.

User Verification

In nowadays, it's important to make sure you gather the right information about your potential investors. We have solved this problem for you!

Fully Tested ICO Software

We have spent more than 1000 hours in development of this application, and at least 300 hours in total for the testing.

Easy Customization

Modify the allowed payable tokens directly from the admin dashboard, change your token name, image, symbol, and website translations in one place.

What is the workflow after software purchase?

To understand the working process, please, check the information below. If you still have some questions contact us on the live chat and/or Telegram.


Before setting up the Bitcord ICO Software, we will need to know if you have a token already or no and validate that this token is eligible for integration.

Pre-sale Smart Contract Deployment

Once we have done the research, we are ready to deploy the smart contract for your project and transfer ownership to you.

Bitcord ICO Software Installation

The next step is to install the Bitcord Software on your hosting and complete the smart contract integrations.


When all the previous steps are done, you are ready to start selling your tokens. All will be tested before the final version.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Since we have helped to raise more than 300+ millions in total for our clients, you can read here also the best reviews.

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The best choice for my project

For years I had the idea for my business, but I did not have the required money to start making it. I found the Bitcord and contacted them, just two months later I had 5 times more money than I even needed for the start. It made it even easier for me to develop my project with even shorter timeframe.

Thomas S.
CEO of Forge
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As a crypto promoter

I'm working as a cryptocurrency promoter full time, every day I receive new requests for help to launch some new crypto project ICO. I do recommend them to choose the ICO Launchpad Software to start the token selling, because it helps a lot.

Ralph G.
Crypto Promoter


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