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Today, we want to show you step by step guide on how token sales can be done on the investor dashboard. It's important to make everything very simple for the potential investor to collect any money from them because if you will have multiple applications it will get difficult for investors to understand how and where to invest. 

Bitcord.io ICO User Dashboard Features

1. Admin can set the presale start/end dates, and investors will see the countdown on their dashboard.

Presale end date of Bitcord software

2. Investors can click on the link "Invest now" and select the preferable payable token in exchange for your selling token. The investor simply selects the payable token, enters the amount in USDT in this sample, and clicks the "Buy Token" button. After that metamask will pop up.

Presale buy Bitcord form

3. Investor will need to accept the Metamask payment to receive your tokens in exchange. If the payment will be successful, then you will receive the raised funds on the presale smart contract, from which you can withdraw them.

Metamask Bitcord Payment

4. After confirmation investor will receive the tokens, or if there is enabled token vesting, then he will see the amount only on the dashboard.


Bitcord.io ICO Admin Dashboard Features

1. Admins can see all the incoming successful transactions, see the amount, and all the required information.

Bitcord Analysis

2. Also, admins can view all the transaction history and perform search actions to find a specific transaction.

Transaction history bitcord

3. Manage allowed payable tokens from the dashboard. You can add new accepted payable tokens if you want to.

Bitcord payable tokens


These are just a couple of Bitcord.io ICO Launchpad Software features. There are plenty more, that you can explore in our demo.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime on Telegram.


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