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What is the Bitcord ICO Launchpad Software?

The ICO Launchpad Software is a ready-made ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Software, that you can use for your cryptocurrency. It makes it very easy to launch your own token/coin presale, and allows your project to collect the money from the investors so you can start the project development and move your project to the next level.

We have spent a lot of time investigating why so many projects fail to raise capital for their project, and that's why we developed our own software that covers all the required things to start a successful business.

Of course, usually, with only one option - presale form, it's not enough to grow your community and get the first investors, since the process of that is pretty complicated if you don't have your own channels where to advertise your project. And that is why we offer you also some ready-made modules.


Here is a list of our modules out-of-the-box


What happens after I order Bitcord ICO Launchpad Software?

After purchasing the Bitcord ICO Launchpad Software, we will install the software with all the required modifications (as previously discussed) to your hosting. We will deploy the smart contract for the presale and configure the dashboard so you can start using it for your needs. This process usually takes around 2-3 business days.

As an admin, you will have available a lot of features, like:

  • View and Manage All the Investors
  • Configure token price
  • Enable/Disable Presale
  • Set Presale Start/End Date
  • View All the Transaction History
  • Withdraw Raised Funds
  • Manage KYC (Know Your Customer) Applications
  • Add / Manage Payable Tokens
  • And much more.

If you order any module from available modules it can take some more time to install everything. 


Can I start with only the ICO Launchpad Software without any Extra Modules?

Of course, these are just additional modules, that are not required to start raising the money for your project. You can add those modules anytime after.


How can I buy Bitcord ICO Launchpad Software?

The fastest way to buy Bitcord ICO Launchpad Software will be by contacting us on Telegram.

  • Our Official Telegram: @bitcord_io
  • Our E-Mail:
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