What is a Referral Link?

A referral link is a unique identifier assigned to a customer/investor by the Bitcord.io ICO Launchpad Software Referral Module in order to incentivize the distribution of their products or services. Referred customers are typically offered a percentage of the sale value in reward for forwarding the code to their friends or family.

There are many benefits that come with using a Bitcord.io Referral Module. Referred investors often have higher conversion rates, as they are more likely to take action after receiving a referral. Additionally, businesses can track the success of their referral program through the admin dashboard.

Referral links can be used for increasing the community for your project because nowadays investors themselves want to promote the project where they have invested their money because without the promotion nothing can raise the value of their investments. That is the main reason why investors want to see referral link on their dashboard, so they can promote your project and in return receive some rewards in your tokens.

What kind of benefits does a referral link provide for crypto investors?

A referral link is a unique identifier that allows you to refer your friends and family members to join a particular crypto investment platform. Referred members receive a commission on all of their trades, which can result in substantial rewards. Additionally, referral codes often come with other benefits, such as exclusive discounts or access to special offers.

Referral codes are one of the most important tools available to crypto investors. They provide incentives for friends and family members to sign up for investment platforms and help drive more people into the market. In many cases, referral links offer even greater benefits than the standard membership plan. For example, some platforms give referred members access to premium features or special deals that are unavailable to the general public.

Advantages of using Bitcord ICO Launchpad Referral Module

  • Investors have a unique referral link on the Bitcord ICO Launchpad Software Dashboard.
  • Investors can see a graph of link clicks.
  • Investors can see how much money the referred investor has invested.
  • Investors can receive automated rewards from each referred user.
  • Admin can set the reward amount per each referred user.
  • Admin can see the graph of all the referred user link clicks.
  • Admin can see the graph of all referred user investment amounts.
  • And more.


  • Bitcord.io ICO Launchpad Software (You can get one here: https://bitcord.io/pricing)
  • Your own Token/Coin (Or if you don't have it, we can create one for you)


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